I believe that your word means something.  I believe that listening is more important than talking.  I believe that your dreams are attainable.  I believe that hard work pays off.  I believe that honesty and transparency builds solid relationships. 

Born and raised in Long Beach, CA and specifically a California Heights native est. 1967. My family owned, and we all worked at our restaurant, Mario’s Pizza Deli, on the corner of Orange and Wardlow from 1978 until my father retired over 20 years later. I learned about commitment and hard work from an early age and I carry that work ethic as a badge of honor to this day.

Participating in the many community events in the Cal Heights and Bixby Knolls neighborhoods of Long Beach , keeps me fully engaged with my home community where my roots are. 

Being a Realtor means service, compassion and follow through on behalf of each of my special clients, without fail. Gratefully, I also have a previous 20 year background in mortgage lending that helps me navigate scenarios more easily for clients.
Because I am a true native of Long Beach, I am considered an expert of the area.    I use my lifelong love and knowledge of this incredible city and surrounding communities to help navigate clients through selling or purchasing here. I would be honored to walk with you, or someone you may know, through this journey.